Electrolytes For All

Get Lick’d Iceblocks 2019 is off to a ripper start and it’s only January.  I have booked Get Lick’d Iceblocks into a few upcoming local markets on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.  The thing about having a business that pretty much revolves around the weather is that it takes a fair bit of planning.   Although, Queensland doesn’t really get too cold and the sun always seems to be shining.  Fingers crossed that Get Lick’d Iceblocks does have a good winter and people want to eat no refined sugar all year round.  I know I do.  I may also be bias!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the opening of Bodyfit Training in Albion https://bodyfittraining.com/club/albion/  This place is amazing.  It’s a high intensity, functional, group strength and conditioning studio. A massive workout.  Get Lick’d Electrolyte drink and electrolyte iceblocks were a huge hit with all the participants after they completed their workout.   There’s a few Body Fit Studios around Brisbane – check them out. Totally worth the hype.

If you have or are a member of a fitness facility that is opening, that is planning a birthday, an open day, a theme day. For adults or children. Let me know, I will be happy to meet and hand out Get Lick’d Iceblocks’ all natural ingredient electrolytes to your crew. 

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