Round 2. Or is it Round 5? No idea – but it’s definitely time!

I have another confession to make.
I’m your fool
Everyone’s got their chains to break
Holdin’ you. 

Just joking, that’s actually the words to one of my favourite Foo Fighter songs. I actually DO have a confession to make – a real confession.  I suck.  I actually suck at doing blogs – I LOVE the idea of a blog (yes, yes, I have said this previously) but it’s true.  When Get Lick’d Iceblocks was launched in September 2018, I had every bit of intension to make a blog – a real blog – THIS blog.  I LOVE a good blog.  I want to BE one of those good blogs.  I thought it would actually be easy to write a blog. Ha – what?  Wrong.  Well, it could be right IF I managed my time better – which I do, well I TRY to do.  *Insert ‘I’m a Mum- I –have- a -day -job, – I -drive –my- kids- to –their- sports- training-during the week, -I am -also -a –wife- and- husbands-require- attention- excuse –here* But.  This will not stop me.  I know I have said it before and also said that I will blog every 2 weeks – thinking that, in 2 weeks I would have TIME to blog.  Clearly, I didn’t think that idea through.  Rookie Mistake.  Again. 

So, this is the plan.  See how I keep making plans?  Believe me this plan will work.  In the time that I have not done a blog post on Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  I am in the process of fine-tuning the art of Time Management .  If you are a personal friend of mine – you would of seen me struggling with life a few months ago.  Now, when I say struggling – I actually mean, I take too much on AND I was obsessed with  watching Dead To Me (which is fabulous and well worth the late nights) .  I also work for myself as a self employed cleaner – which is fun.  I don’t know the exact moment when I realised that I was ‘drowning’ but I what I did do was put a story on my Instagram and all my friends – that appear to have their life and shit together gave me tips on how they manage time better.  So I’ve been practicing that for a few weeks. 

It’s pretty simple really.  Number 1 tip – Netflix isn’t going anywhere but your business is.  Well, it’ll only go somewhere if you work on it and make it go somewhere.  No brainer really.   So that was my first priorty.  Secondly – I have been trying to stop wasting time.  I love wasting time.  I’m a time waster –for real.  One of my day job clients have a puppy, Charli.  Charlie is the cutest little fluffy thing that I ever did see.  You can’t even see her face because it’s just a fluff ball (the dog can see though) I sat there one day for about 20 mins just playing with her.  In fairness to the rest of my work day – I had nothing else on after Charli’s house but still.  I wasted 20 minutes of a perfectly fine day patting and playing with a 10 week old puppy.  It was totally good for my soul, not for my time management.    So stop wasting time.  Wasting time on Pintrest and Instagram is also bad – but everyone know that right? 

Finally, I am trying to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier – 4:30 wake up seems to be a good time lately.  I don’t set an alarm or anything, I just get up whenever I see that it’s past 4am.  The kids and husband are still asleep, I let the dog inside and do paperwork and write down all my ideas.  Early morning is good for most people  to get their shit done as the brain is going a million miles an hour.  Then, by the time the kids get up for school – the morning is ruined by kids fighting, me screaming at them to find their shoes, to get organised and the day officially begins.  I like it. 

So – this blog will be changing.  Slightly.  No it’s not going to become a person blog. Shit, I couldn’t think of anything worse.  My life is not that exciting, but I will share some things from my life that I think are worth sharing.  I love Get Lick’d Iceblocks and have also spent money to have this blog.  Blogs are very cool – as long as you can perfect your Time Management  Skills then you are fine.  *refer to above*   There are lots of exciting things to come.  So please stick around.  I have set this as a priority AND I have googled/educated myself in how to write blogs and churn them out – my fellow bloggers will understand what this means. 

And for you people that will ‘time’ me as to when my next post will be – strap in guys I’m going to surprise you. 

3 thoughts on “Round 2. Or is it Round 5? No idea – but it’s definitely time!”

  1. I also binge watched Dead to me ! Great series. I’ve always wanted to write a blog…you’ve inspired me to try & organize my life better so that I can.


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