A Star Is Born – Movie Review – In A Nutshell

The cat is out of the bag – I thought I was THE only person in the world that hadn’t seen this movie.  When it came out, either my friends had already made plans with their friends to watch this at the movies or we said we would definitely make time to see it together but alas, Mum Life made it hard and we just never got around it to. 

Dear Neflix – from behalf of the world that hasn’t seen A Star Is Born – we thank you for adding it to our viewing.   

*Disclaimer – the following may contain Spoiler Alerts.  I also take no responsibility for this.  If you haven’t got Netflix and haven’t seen A Star Is Bron, then I forgive you and you can now stop reading.  But seriously, why the heck haven’t you seen this movie yet?? 

Let’s begin.  When I read a review about A Star Is Born, I was like ok cool.  It’s a remake of the movie with the same title but the older movie had Barbra Streisand in it. There is also another one.  Same movie – just “old”.  Now unless you really like Barb and ‘old movies’ then you’ll like it.  But I don’t like either of those things. SO I have opted to review the ‘new’ version of A Star Is Born. I have loved Gaga since she wore her famous ‘meat dress’ and the fact that she has always been herself through everything she does – she kind of reminds me of myself – gives zero fucks about nearly everything.  I watched her documentary (on Netflix aswell) and love how real she is and what she says about her life and how she deals with sickness.  All in all, I think she’s a cool, talented chick.  She also looks amazing without her face caked in makeup.  But I get it “art”.   In regards to Bradley Cooper – he is a dreamboat.  FULLSTOP.  A Dreamboat ONLY when he has a beard.  I do prefer his long hair, when it’s short, I don’t complain either.  However, when Mr Cooper hasn’t got any facial hair, I’m disappointed to be honest.   No big deal, I then remember that my husband can rock an epic beard.  My husband can definitely not grow long hair – but I’m happy with his beard.  Insert, my own personal Bradley Cooper look alike here.  Ha in my dreams.

May I introduce to you – Mr Dreamboat *note the facial hair*

Ok so – the storyline is the usual ‘girl, which is Ally (played by Lady Gaga) meets boy, who is Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper AKA Mr Dreamboat)  they fall in love, they get married, they have bumps in road blah blah blah’ The End.  Am I right? Perfect movie yeah?  Perhaps!   Yes of course it’s a perfect movie.  Let’s break it down – Ally works in a restaurant of some sort and she sings in a drag queen bar – this is where she meets Jackson.  She then sings a song – he gives him her number and it goes from there.  They then sing songs together – she gets famous.  Not a spoiler alert as the movie is called A Star Is Born.  Obviously, someone is a star and someone is born and it’s not a child.  No children are in this movie.

My husband told me that I would cry “at least 5 times” during the whole movie and I think I cried 6 separate times.  Yep 6.  I’ve mentioned previously, that I am a crier in movies. Whatevs, crying is good for the soul.  So strap in if you’re a crier.  If you aren’t a crier than fuck you guys, do you even have a soul or feelings? 

Let’s discuss Jackson’s voice?  I’m all for older men, well, not really, well, technically I am as my husband is 7 years older than me – but my husband is 100% NOT Jackson Maine in ANY shape or form.  Except my husband can grow a very good beard.  There are some lines in the movie where I don’t even understand what the hell Jackson was saying.  Pretty sure Jackson being an alcoholic has something to do with his voice.  No, that was not a spoiler – if you love the Shallow film clip as much as I do, seen the original movie or read reviews – then you would pick up that Jackson is an alcoholic.  I think that’s another reason why I cried so much.  My Dad was a recovering alcoholic, but again did not look like Bradley Cooper and my Mum looks nothing like Lady Gaga.  Once again the disappointment kicks in. Life is totally unfair << joke!   Jackson voice makes him even better looking though, am I right or am I right?  Your opinion means nothing – I am absolutely correct. 

Gaga could do no wrong in my eyes – she totally deserved that Golden Globe nomination.  I do have a gripe about when Ally had bright orange hair but that wasn’t Gaga’s fault, so yes.  Flawless. 

Note the orange hair

I remember watching Instagram stories of friends and people I follow and they would be sitting their car ready to drive home or still sitting in the cinema.  Their eyes and face red as tomatoes and tears rolling down their faces.  Like what the hell Susan?  Come on, A Star Is Born is not THAT bad (or good) to be crying 10 minutes after the credits have finished rolling and you’re still getting over a movie.  Get up and drive home Susan for fucks sake, you need to feed your kids dinner.  Well, Susan.  Shout out to you because I only had about 3 minutes to pull myself together after watching the final minutes of A Star Is Born because the lady from Gumtree wanted to know when I was picking up the 2 hobby horses I said I would pick up.  So I had minimal time to ‘absorb’ what the heck just happened.  But I watched it again this week and had time to digest. 

***FYI: The hobby horses are for the Get Lick’d Iceblocks First Birthday Carnival Event, coming soon!  Watch This Space!  Collaborations wanted

Now, turns out after talking to people about A Star Is Born.  I am not the only person in the world that thinks about movies 2-3 days after I have watched them.  No shit, I thought about just about every detail of A Star Is Born for days after I watched it. DAYS! Then, I was You Tubing facts about A Star Is Born and watching interviews with Gaga and Mr Dreamboat.  Then at work listening to the soundtrack, that I already downloaded when the movie was released, as I thought that I would actually go have time to see the movie, so I would know all the songs. This eventually paid off, because I knew all the words to the songs when I watched the movies.  The soundtrack is good.  Mr Dreamboat can sing, oh my he can sing.  Maybe It’s Time is a personal favorite sung by Bradley Cooper.  You’ll love it – and he doesn’t sound ‘old’ as you can understand what he is saying.  When I was You Tubing facts I read that Bradley and Gaga actually sung songs in front of about 15 thousand people at Glastonbury Music Festival.  Fact 2 – when Gaga sings the song in the blue dress with the orchestra. Before they shot that scene Gaga got a phone call that one of her friends died.  The film crew told her that she should have a break from the movie to grieve.  Gaga said no because her emotions were raw and that she wanted to finish the scene as she wanted the movie to be ‘real’.  You are welcome.

Talking about songs – I am 90% convinced that Gaga and Cooper are “great best friends”.  If that’s a thing?  The other 10% of me is unsure and don’t want to be told ‘I told you so’ by haters.  Yes, they are actors and yes they had to act all loved up to make the movie come alive and believable.  It’s definitely not like the chemistry with those actors in 50 Shades Of Grey, those 2 were a train wreck together.  YouTube Gaga and Cooper in Vegas.  They sung together at her residency and he was in the audience, she got him up and they sang Shallow together. She’s not wearing any pants, well long pants.  Undies, she’s wearing black leather undies – maybe that’s why it was so good.  Then there was the Golden Globes, I don’t care what you say – they are so fucking great together, even if they aren’t together. Even if it was a coincidence that he separated from his wife a few months later.  Who cares, I love them and I want them to have babies and get married and wear meat dresses and sing songs to each other for ever and ever.  I would also like it if Mr Dreamboat could sit on a log by the beach like Jack Johnson did in the film clip Taylor.  Gaga can be Ben Stiller ‘directing’ I would also like Gaga from now on to wear minimal make up, keep wearing  great dresses and no orange hair.  Ever.

Me and Husbo are renewing our vows soon – perhaps if I get him to grow his beard and hair and I have mega long hair extensions – this will be us! Joking – I won’t get through our vows – I’ll be crying the first 2 mins in

Back to the movie review. I loved it – I’ve watched  it 3 times now, if you’re an emotional  person, like myself and you know you need a good cry every now and then, then you know what to do.  It’s like when you are feeling sick and you have a good spew. Then you amazingly feel better.  Well, seems there are people, like me in the world that love to cry and then when we have cried we feel like we can take on the world.  Try it, it’s an amazing release of emotions.  Let’s face it, A Star Is Born is going to make you cry and if you don’t cry – then what the heck is wrong with you? 

Shout out to my friend *Lucy, who hated this movie – she said it was ‘lame’ and ‘predictable’. Ummm shut up Lucy – I love you – but hush.  You need to listen to my totally bias views of this movie.  Thanks Lucy #youknowwhoyouare

There’s also moments in the movie where they do this cute little nose thing with their fingers – keep an eye out for it – worth mentioning.  Also worth mentioning that I don’t do any of that stuff with my husband.  Anything I with my fingers usually means me pointing at him referring to the children. #wifelife

Nawwwww – all relationships have these one liners – I love one liners

As I’ve never actually done a movie review before, but I’m assuming that they say “in conclusion” So….. in conclusion – A Star Is Born is a great love story, has one heck of a soundtrack.  It might make you cry, (unless you’re like Lucy – Boo to you Lucy) and Gaga and Mr Dreamboat Bradley Cooper with a beard should make you swoon, unless you’re like Lucy and don’t like beards.  Poor Lucy.  

This is the look I give Lucy – Love you Lucy.

The End

^See what I did there^

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