Get Lick’d Iceblocks is ONE.  One year old Wednesday 22nd September.  Happy Birthday Get Lick’d Iceblocks! <that’s me blowing my own horn>

Did I think I could make it to 1 year in business? Yes.  Did I think I wouldn’t? Also yes?  Have I learnt alot?  Yes.  Have I learnt everything?  Shit no.  Is that enough with the questions? Yes

Perfect sunnies, iceblocks in a woolies cake and an iceblocks onesie! ONE

When I had the idea about Get Lick’d Iceblocks – I thought hard, I researched hard and put so much brain power into the idea to make my business unique and different from the rest.  To my surprise it worked (and is currently working).  With any business, providing you love it, you are consistently thinking of ideas and grand plans.  Your brain never ever stops.  Well, it does.  Eventually.  But most of the time it doesn’t.  And when (and if) it does stop, it usually stops when you’re in bed.  Or does it?  Mine doesn’t, I need a little notebook and pen in my head that automatically writes all my good and bad ideas down.  I then tend to remember those ideas about 2 days later.  There’s probably an app for that right?   I should probably start using my phone more instead of pen and paper aswell.

Anyway, back to the birthday celebrations – consider this a personal THANK YOU to you and everyone that has had themselves a Get Lick’d Iceblock.  Maybe once, maybe twice or maybe you haven’t even had one – which is totally fine because you support me in other ways – like reading my blog, liking my social media account and sending me messages of support.  I see you and I thank you.  Happy Birthday Get Lick’d Iceblocks (again, blowing my own horn) 

Thanks for the support Friends x

I feel I should tell you what I have learnt in the last year.  Is that corny?  Yes,  sorry again with the questions!  If you refer to previous blogs about my lack of Time Management, you will realise that that is not a good idea.  I have learnt a lot – who wouldn’t?  Shit, we, as adults learn new things every day about life and our day jobs, let alone what you learn in a business.  I’ll be hear all day and night boring you.  How does a Top Five sound.  A Top Five of accomplishment that I am proud of.  Don’t be fooled, there is definitely more than 5 accomplishments with Get Lick’d Iceblocks I am proud of within this year.  Writing 5 just seems like an easier and non boring way to tell you what I have accomplished in 2018/2019.

In no particular order of preference –

1:  The Get Lick’d Launch Party  – now the launch party was not as exciting as I thought it would be, but it turned out perfect.  It was at the Which Craft Beer at Albany Creek (perfect space)  It was on the first week of the school holidays (rookie mistake), which was a bit of a shame as most of my friends couldn’t be there.  But the friends and family that were there was enough and I’m so grateful they came and made the effort to support this crazy little iceblocks business.

The Original Get Lick’d Iceblocks Trike.

2:  Changing Get Lick’d Iceblocks biodegradable plastic wrapping to PAPER.  This move is something I am so proud of.  Yes, plastic looks better than paper (depending who you are).  But we all know paper is better for the environment, breaks down and can be recycled.  I’m yet to source paper based, waterproof ingredient stickers  – watch this space.  When I launched Get Lick’d Iceblocks, I did a lot of research into packaging, at the time biodegradable wrappers suited best.  Then, once I spoke to people (you guys) about my product.  I decided to change to paper.  The positive feedback has been amazing since changing to paper.  People love it.  I love it. 

Plastic is not fantastic
Paper for the win.

3: Finding my new cart and bike on Gumtree.  If you follow me on my socials, you will know I’m a big fan of reduce, reuse and recycle.  I also love a good bargain. Who doesn’t right?  Backstory – I bought a bike, a cart, umbrellas and moulds from a guy named Steve, who happened to be the manager of Rivershore Resort at the Sunshine Coast (that place is amazing by the way)  I ended up sending him a photo of the cart all revamped, he was so happy it went to someone that appreciated a bargain and someone that could keep the iceblocks dream alive, as he was sad that life got in the way when they had their iceblock business.  The cart is 100% revamped, check out my insta – you’ll see pics there.  The bike is still in the process of being done.  Hopefully done by Christmas.  *side note – the Original Get Lick’d Iceblocks Trike is still for sale*

The day I got my ‘new’ cart. Can’t wipe the smile off my face

4: Going to markets and events.  I’m used to attending markets and spending money – not so much BEING a stall holder and taking money.  My first market was with LifeStyle Mecca, the very next day after I launched.  But my first ‘official’ market was Chillin’ At The Hills, this was their debut market aswell.  It’s a perfect spot for a market.  It’s at Bunya (in between Albany Creek and Arana Hills) at the sporting grounds there, on the Jinker Track – Great location. I did 2 more after the debut market in November and unfortunately, due to a few surprises from Mother Nature and then the weather got colder, I haven’t been back. Hopefully I will this summer. That’s the thing with having a seasonal business.  It gets tricky when the colder weather begins, then things out of your control happen – like rain/storms. 

My first market at Chillin In The Hills for Christmas

5:  Being in school tuckshops.  Now, this makes me happy.  I absolutely LOVE Get Lick’d Iceblocks being in schools.  Being in tuckshops never crossed my mind until someone asked me if it was an option.  I thought ‘why not’? Why not indeed.  Get Lick’d Iceblocks are currently in 5 school across Brisbane and hopefully more in the before the end of the year.  The thought of children having a choice of great tasting food in their schools is something I am proud to say I can help with. 

Well, that’s it – that’s 5.  Definitely not in any order, but a Top Five none the less.  I’m so proud of where I am right now.  Proud of how far I have come and more importantly excited about where Get Lick’d Iceblocks is going.   I have no doubt this summer will be more eventful than the last.  I also have no doubt that I will give it my all. 

I’m going to go a bit crazy here and add another highlight to the Top Five.  I don’t have any positive feedback about it – that’s only because it hasn’t happened YET!   You guessed it – It’s the Get Lick’d Iceblocks Carnival Event.  It’s happening on Saturday November 9th 2019.  If you haven’t heard, it’s going to be a hoot – lots of lawn games, nature craft, planting seeds, colouring in competitions, shade, a photobooth, iceblocks and FUN!  You may even see a dressed up piece of fruit! 

Lock it in the diary – going to be fabulous and fun!

The Get Lick’d Iceblocks Carnival Event is collaborating with local business owners  – if you are a local business and would like to be involved and think your business would suit this event, send me an email.  The more the merrier.  Invites are going out very soon.  

I would ask you to help blow out the candles, eat cake (that is most important) and meet me at a local pub for a drink, but we can keep it for the Carnival Event.  I’ve also decided to change what I eat and not drink alcohol for the month of September (that’s been heaps of fun) In lieu of that, a comment below or on the ‘gram would be suffice! 

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