2020 – Make it your bitch!

2020 – Holy Shit, how the hell did we get here?  2020 – that’s the year two thousand and twenty.  The world has been alive for 2 thousand years.  It blows my mind thinking about it.  I also think about how old I am in a few years and that blows my mind even more.

Every year we hear the same “New Year, New Me” quotes and I am totally ok with that.  I love that a new year means you can shift your mind set, sit down and write down what goals you want to achieve that year.  It’s perfect.  A new year mindset can be an amazing thing.  A fresh start if you will and what a great time to start.  A blank page, the start of a new book, a new year. 2020

In a nutshell

The year 2020.  What’s install for you?  Do you prefer to use the word goals or resolution? I personally use the word goal.  My thinking is that because it’s a short word it has more impact, the word resolution sounds like a fancy lawyer word and less achievable than the word goal.  Different strokes for different folks. I have also discovered that people have a word for the new year.  ONE word that switches their mindset for the year.  That word will obviously mean something to them.  For example, Money that could be your word.  Money might help remind you that you need to earn more money, or make you want to save money.  There is no right, there is no wrong.  You pick a word that will mean something to you. That will matter to you and that will make your year easier. I don’t think I want a word.  I’m more of a ‘stick motivational sentences around the house person’.   All these words and goals are to make yourself accountable.  To remind yourself how awesome you can be as a person, a business owner, a friend, a mother, a girl friend, a wife – whatever you are or whatever is relevant in your life.  It’s a new year – anything goes right? 

Credit to Pinterest for this image. I couldn’t find the artist of it. But it is actually perfect. Except the cleaning point, that’s my day job and I do enough of it.

Then there’s the whole vision board – I love the thought of a vision board.  If you don’t know what a vision board is, let me explain. A Vision Board is a board that you make that have words, photos and pictures on it that either inspire or motivate you.  Sort of like your goals – but a visual version of them.  I did a vision board about 5 years ago, it was my first vision board.  I remember having a picture of car – it was a Jeep.  I wasn’t wanting a Jeep, I just wanted the new car and this reminded me that I wanted a new car, regardless of the brand of car.  There was also a beautiful picture of a beach from up North Queensland way.  I don’t remember much else that was on the board. But at the end of that year I actually got a new car AND we planned and went for an epic road trip holiday and visited Airlie Beach.  I can’t say that the vision board was 100% responsible for my actions that year – but I do remember looking at it where I could see it every day and feel motivated to go to work for my family and have a goal. Kind of like magic (not really)  I am always telling my kids to have a goal and to make goals, small or big. I think it’s important.

My goal/s for 2020 are pretty simple and usually the same as everyone else.  Save money, lose weight, be more active, spend more time outdoors, limit screen time blah blah blah.  I won’t bore you with my personal/family goals – but will bore you with my business goals.   Sorry not sorry.


Goal 1.  Everyone in business wants to be bigger, better and stronger than the year before. So…I want Get Lick’d Iceblocks to be bigger, better and stronger than 2019. Obviously.  I’m already excited for the year ahead.  If you think Get Lick’d Iceblocks is going to be the same as 2019 I am here to disappoint and excite you.  2020 is going to be most exciting. Not sure what the hell is going to happen – it’s the 3rd day into January and I have nothing booked on my calendar.  Yet! You get the point though.

Goal 2 – Network more and attend networking events.  Networking events can be so nerve racking.  I’ve ventured to a few small networking events, but with the big ones, I get scared and nervous and then just chicken out and don’t end up going.  I also tend to make excuses about why I shouldn’t go.  For example – it’s on a weekday, it’s on a weeknight.  It’s a 30 minute drive away. It cost too much.  All can be valid excuses but I really need to quit the excuses and GO.  Meet new people, laugh, get out of the house and share the great business that is Get Lick’d Iceblocks with fellow business owners.  If you know of any networking events in Brisbane let me know, I’ll swallow my nerves and try to come along. 

Goal 3 – To have a paperwork trail and spreadsheets.  I hate working on the computer.  Sitting at the computer and completely wasting time I can do, but making and creating work and spread sheets I can not. I have pulled up my big girl pants and going to do it.  I am yet to make a list of what I actually want/need to document – last year I was so airy fairy about recording figures from markets, sales and orders.  This year I will be recording every Get Lick’d Iceblock that sells, every flavour that doesn’t sell.  All orders will be saved an into a folder (not printed on paper).  There’s heaps more to document and you bet I will document it. I keep reading and listening to people that say “document everything and know your numbers”. This only means, by 2021 I will be a wizz at documenting documents and maybe unnecessary documents.

Goal 4 – For Get Lick’d Iceblocks to attend a large event.  I have no idea what this will be or when it will be. If you know me, I like to live on the edge. I also believe in the Universe and how the Universe seems to throw you opportunities where you say yes and then figure the rest out later and that is exactly what I will do.

Upon my research on goals, I have found that some people like to have their goals in order.  As in, they number their goals one to ten and work through them like that.  Not me – I’m just happy to kick some arse. 

Ain’t that the truth

Do you have goals/resolutions, a word of the year or a vision board for 2020?  I’m going to get started on my vision board this week. Goals are different to a To Do List aren’t they?  Maybe one of my goals is to actually to the shit that is on my To Do List.  God knows that list is never ending. 

That means YOU

Whatever your goals are for the new year ahead.  Big or small.  I hope you grab them by the horns and you achieve them to the absolute best of your ability.  Then, when you have achieved them or even one of them, celebrate it.  Do a happy dance, pour yourself a drink and sip it slowly, go for dinner, shout it from the rooftops. Or maybe you won’t do any of those things cos that’s not your jam.  But remember – you are setting your own personal goals for a reason.  Don’t let 2020 go by and you get to the end of it and realise you haven’t done anything you put your mind to because you thought it would all come to you.  Make 2020 your bitch! 

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