The Royals, you either like them, love them, hate them or really couldn’t give a shit about them.

Me, I’m half half.  I’m not a fan of the ‘older generation’ of royals.  If that’s even what they are called?  The younger/my generation of royals – I’m here for it.  The little posse of William, Harry, Kate, Meghan are my favourite.  Fergie gets my vote aswell, she gives zero fucks that she isn’t really involved in the royals anymore and I’m all for that.  There’s an awesome meme of Fergie at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. She appears to have a strut, holding her pair of shoes and just doesn’t give a fuck. I want to be like that – like in my everyday life!  She totally owned the situation.  Whenever I see that meme – it makes me laugh.  I won’t mention her ex husband Andrew – he should just drop off the face of the earth.

I couldn’t find the meme that I love – but this one is just as good. Actually, it’s not. The other one is much funnier – but this one will do.

My Nanna and Mum were fans of the Diana – I remember my mum had a book of Diana and Charles and I used to look through it when I was little thinking it would be the best life.  Like every girl, who wouldn’t want to be a princess? Princess Diana’s wedding dress was amazing, the vail, the 80s hair, the church – I loved everything about it. 

I was going to out a photo of Diana and Charles wedding here – but Diana in bike pants is WAY better.

I remember the day Diana died. It was one of those moment in life you remember where you were and what you were doing. My friend Jess was over my house and we were watching movies, then mum came in and told us to turn it off because she wanted to watch the news.  It was everywhere on the tv.  This was in 1997 – when I say everywhere on the tv, there were only about 4 tv channels and every channel was reporting the death of the princess.  Me and Jess just sat there watching the live news crosses to Paris.  It was a massive deal.  Jess and I couldn’t deal so we went for a walk to the park.  It was a weird feeling.  Someone you’ve never met, yet you have loved and admired from afar has died and you felt lost.  But you’re not lost – just sad. It’s a weird feeling.  Then you feel stupid cos you are crying over someone you have never met.  Then the images of the flowers at Buckingham Palace, that stuck in my mind for some reason.  I think it was then I came to the conclusion that shit things happen to good people. 

I didn’t really follow the royals after Dianna’s death.  Not that I was a ‘follower’ to begin with.  However, I as an adult and a fan of House Of Cards, I am pinning Dianna’s death on the Queen.

I’m in my late 30’s so I guess we grew up with William and Harry.  I’m Team Harry.  Always have, probably always will be.  Can he do no harm?  He’s funny, he has swagger, had a few crazy girlfriends (who hasn’t) Did a nudie run in Vegas.   Meanwhile William was being the smart, conservative older brother (there’s one of those in every family right?) Then William met Kate and their love story began.  Oh Kate, how I love thee.  You are all class.  Kate and William’s wedding was the first royal wedding I watched.  It was 2011 and the day after my middle son’s birthday.  I was 7 months pregnant and I cried like a baby. Which is not unusual for me but being pregnant it was total crying chaos.

William and Kate. Both like a fine wine

Fast forward to now (ish) and to when Harry met Meghan.  They fall in love.  They marry and oh my gee – that wedding was THE best.  The gospel choir, Charles walking Meghan down the aisle, the guest list, the giggling to each other during the service, the dress.  Oh my that dress.  The flowers, ok ok – I’ll stop –  clearly I loved all of it.  Then came baby Archie.  Then comes the decision to leave all royal duties.  I say fuck yes to them.  I love that they chose to leave their living situation.  Not that their living situation seemed like the worse situation in the world, but to stand up in front of the Commonwealth, the Queen and the rest of the world and say that they would like to no longer be associated with the royal family and go out on their own.  That is massive news. 

Straight to the pool room with this photo

Some might argue that Harry and Meagan have a ‘tough’ life.  Traveling the world, lives in mansion/castle, they can do ‘whatever they like’ and have a massive bank account blah blah blah. WRONG.  Now I’m no official royal news reporter, but let’s discuss.  Meghan left her life in America, gave up her career, left her family and friends all for love.  No, she didn’t have to do all this, but when you find true love you stick to it and you end up living happily ever after.  Which I have no doubt these guys will.  There is so much hate for Meghan and I would want to run away aswell if I got called all the things she has been called.  The joys of social media and the internet right?   

For the record, I think Harry should always keep his beard.

Harry and Meghan are in their 30s, recently married, have 1 young child, are in the world eyes, always, constantly criticized.  Just like the rest of us (not royal people), they get judged weather they do the right or if they do the wrong thing.  So when they told the world that they would like to live a ‘normal life’ people went nuts.  Now, when I say normal, I am 100% be sure that Harry and Megs won’t be struggling to pay off a mortgage or racing down to the shops at 8pm at night for nappies and formula for baby Archie or they will have to budget for their friends and families birthday and Christmas presents.  Nothing like that – word is they are looking for a mansion to live in and are getting paid a shit load of money to talk at functions.  Most of these functions are for people in the ‘millionaire/billionaire’ clubs but hey, they have to earn a dollar somehow don’t they? I’m sure there will be many job opportunities for them, and all those job opportunities will be better than ours.

I didn’t understand the huge deal about them leaving the royal family.  Queen Lizzy wasn’t very impressed was she?  She stripped them of their royal title and that was that.  To be fair, Harry and Megs should of given the Queen a bit more notice about what their plans were.  But who am I to tell them what to do.   Fucken YOLO

I say good on them for wanting to live a ‘normal’ life.  To stop and smell the roses, to enjoy life with their child (and even future children), to earn their own money and to have things that we (normal people) might take for granted.  They also aren’t the first royals to leave the family either, hopefully not the last.  If you haven’t realized, I’m the sort of person that will tell your chase your dreams, to be your true self and to not worry what other people think.  Hence my support for these guys.  I’m happy for them.  Obviously.

Shit yes. Meghan Markled – perfect. Good luck Ryan

What do you think about Harry and Meghan?  Like them?  Love them? Not a fan?  I, personally think they should move to Australia, or at least buy a beach house in Queensland somewhere and you know I would stalk them down to give them a life time supply of Get Lick’d Iceblocks.

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