If You’re A Woman – Celebrate The Crap Out Of It. It’s important! #IWD2021

International Woman’s Day – It really is important.

March 8th it’s a date everyone (males included) that should be marked in the calendar.  Why?  Because it’s International Woman’s Day, this day matters and it should be celebrated. 

I must admit, as a kid, a teenager and a young adult I had no idea what this day meant and why it was celebrated but now, as a grown adult.  I get it.  I finally understand and I celebrate the crap out of it and will also teach my sons about it.

International Woman’s Day mean different things to different women.  I can’t speak on behalf of everyone but these are my thoughts about the day.  They may differ to your thoughts and that’s totally ok.  I understand.

What does International Woman’s Day mean and what should I do: I’ve written them in point bullets because it’s just that simple. Remember, different strokes for different folks.

  • Celebrate the woman in our world that are amazing.  That can be your best friend, you sister, your niece, you sister in law, your aunty, your daughter.  Are you seeing a pattern here?   When I say celebrate – I mean you can text them, put a post on your socials or actually see them and let them know how amazing they are for being a woman.
  • It is the only day on the ‘official calendar’ where it is ok to tell the world that woman should (and can) be recognised for our achievements regardless of our place in the workforce, regardless of our nationality, our ethnic background, political views, our economic environment.  It should also raise awareness for woman’s equality.  
  • Acknowledging how amazing woman are.  There is a MASSIVE list of women in the world that are doing amazing things.  He’s a quick list of my favourite women that are making a difference in the world.   Be these ladies small or large (this isn’t a popularity contest) I truly appreciate how hard these woman work, their values and glad they are making the world a better place.  Making a better place for their kids, themselves, their business, for strangers.  Whatever – I love the 3 people I have written about and what better day then to support these people!  
Read That Again ^

My Best Friend

My best friend Tamara, she’s a legend. No she really is!  She’s an owner operator of her own real estate business.  If you have any idea about real estate then you would know it can be (at times) a prick of a job.  But as far as she’s told me, it can also be very rewarding.  Tamara is a wife and a Mum of 2.  The only time I see her is when she’s at her office, usually on a Friday afternoon.  I avoid going home to clean my house. I go see her instead.  We try to chat while she is answering her phone and returning emails.  She does make sure she has down time though, usually after 5pm.  Or, if she has a rare Saturday off, we do stuff then.  My phone always ‘dings’ with the messenger tune.  It’s pretty much always Tamara telling me about her day or how her kids were arseholes on the school run this morning.  Don’t worry, I do the same to her aswell.

Tamara is doing amazing – she started her business 2 years ago.  I remember her texting me when she was nearly in tears saying that she was going to quit.  She was going to throw it all in.  She had had enough of it.  As business owners we have all been there right?  It’s one of the joys of running a business.  But whatever I blurted out of my mouth worked and she didn’t quit.  I think she knew she wouldn’t actually quit.  It’s easier to quit a business than to keep going sometimes.  She kept going and she’s doing amazing things.  Having a friend that has a business and you happen to have a  business is one of the small joys in the world.  You get to bounce ideas of each other and you both become stronger and confident.  Happy International Woman’s Day Tamara.  She reads my blog and she will kill me now because I’ve said all these nice things about her and didn’t warn her.  Ha ha Sorry not sorry.

Megan Markle

You may or not agree with this one – but if you know me or have read my previous post about Meghan.  Then I know you’ll understand.  I’ve been a fan since of Megan since her and Harry got together with Harry.  Firstly, I think the media and the royal family have painted her into some sort of monster.  I really don’t think it’s fair, but I do admire her and what she does and how she handles herself in front of the media.

 In my opinion, she keeps it real.  Whether or not what the media says is true or false you can’t deny the fact that she is standing up for what she feels is right for her and her new family.  She did an interview while she was pregnant in 2018 which I remember well.  The reporter asked if she was ok.  Clearly she wasn’t. Horrible things were being said about her, the hardcore royal lovers hate her and call her a gold digger and fake. Then there’s the idiots on social media that think their opinion matters and call her horrible names.  I mean, what a shitty situation to be in.  She found the love of her life (who happens to be a prince), married him, had their wedding viewed by the world. She gets pregnant which is one of the most special and beautiful things in a woman’s life.  They decide to leave the royal family and move countries and still the world hates them. Like REALLY hates them.  It shits me to tears. This week the world is going nuts for an interview they did on Oprah.  All my socials and alerts are all about Meghan and Harry and it’s all negative.  Meanwhile, never mind Price Andrew.  He has a lot of questions to answer and doesn’t get half as much hate as Meghan does. 

I  love that Meghan can/is standing up for herself and isn’t afraid to break the rules.  Kudos to Harry for sticking by her and being a supportive husband.  He’s always been my favourite.  You must admit whether you dislike her or not she’s got balls to take on the Royal Family.  I have come to the conclusion that the royal family is pretty bloody horrible.  But each to their own.  Remember, this is just my opinion.  No hate letters required.

My Mum

My 3rd most admired person is my Mum.  I’ll have to keep this pretty brief.  I dunno if Mum would like too much aired about her personal life.  However, my Mum has put up with some pretty heavy shit in her life.  Not so much now, but when me and my siblings were growing up there was domestic violence, alcoholism and a lot of times things were pretty shit in our lives.  But like all Mums they did they best that they could.  She is now in a much better place and has none of that in her world now.  Gosh, I write this as if she’s died or something.  She most certainly is not.  Thanks Mum x

I’m the woman on the end right, minus the heels.

March 8 was International Woman’s Day – much to my 16-year-old surprise.  While eating his breakfast this morning he says to me this “Is it International Woman’s Day today Mum” Yes Son it is.  Him:  Well, Happy Birthday.  Oh my god – you idiot!  I told him to text his girlfriend and tell her how amazing she is.  I also asked him to empty the rubbish and put away the dishes.  That is still left to be done. 

Last night I told Mr 9 to tell his teacher Happy International Woman’s Day.  On the drive home he told me his class went to the library and he borrowed a book about girl superhero’s and said to his teacher “This is a good book to borrow on International Woman’s Day” His teacher agreed and was apparently surprised that he knew it was IWD today.  Seems my job as a Mum is going ok. 

I always plan to do something on this day like go for a quick lunch, a brunch, a drink.  Anything really.  But every year I leave it too late to organise myself to go somewhere and all of my friends work and if they aren’t working they are looking after their kids.  I treated myself to a haircut and writing a blog entry and talking about how amazing woman are because lets face it we are pretty fucken rad.  I was on Facebook this morning and seen the usual comments from men who think that woman shouldn’t need a day to celebrate there worth and that men should have a day aswell.  *massive eye roll* Men, you do infact have yourself an international day.  It’s November 19th.  I’m sure the whole world will appreciate men as much as they do woman.  It’s only fair right? 

If you follow Get Lick’d Iceblocks on Instagram, you would of seen that I did a small collaboration with some follow woman small businesses – Ange from Sew Seal Deliver organised it and did all the video edits. Along with a handful of other awesome woman that own small businesses we totally rocked it, sharing awareness that Woman are indeed fucken awesome. I’ve ask Ange to be a ‘guest’ on my blog in the very near future – she is the Reel Queen (Reel Queen meaning she is so great at funny videos, she nails them every time) and the fact that she is kicking arse in her side hustle where she upcycles unwanted clothes/fabric into hair accessories. She’s pretty bloody handy. Keep a watch out.

Woman Are Powerful (as my shirt says) These are my boys – and they are well aware that Woman are indeed Powerful, especially the one in the photo!

Whatever you do in this big wide world and you’re a woman.  I hope you had a great day on March 8.  Even if you didn’t do anything – that’s ok.  Just be sure to whisper to yourself about how fucken great you are.  Being a woman can be so hard at times, yet it can be so fucken amazing.  It’s important to remind yourself about how great you really are.  Self love if you will.  Also remember it’s not your birthday (like Mr 16 thought). 

Happy International Woman’s Day 2021

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