When Sh*t Hits The Fan

Have you ever been stuck in a rut?  Unmotivated, stressed, overworked, on the verge of a slight breakdown and have no idea how to carry on or how the heck you’re going to get out of what you think is a sinking hole?  Well, friends raise your hands and raise them high.  I’ve asked a few friends around the campfire and it seems I’m not alone with this little predicament, they feel the same as me. 

Not sure if it’s because it’s nearly mid year and people are freaking out or it’s because we are getting busier and time is starting to fly by.  Or it’s both.  It’s both (and so much more) isn’t it?  Let me tell you why I was in a rut, it is a bit of a Shit Show, but hang in there.

Roll Up Roll Up

First cab off the rank.  My Mr Middle Son turned 17.  Yep, god fucken help us when he’s 18, he already thinks he is (like the majority of teenagers these days) for some STUPID reason they think that being an actual adult is going to be the greatest thing in the world.  So they act like it now.   Meanwhile, Mr 18 hates being an adult and having bills and being responsible.  Ok, ok, he’s not THAT responsible and just between me and you he should be working harder than he already is.  Teenagers will slowly question your sanity, I’ve said that before right? 

I’ll start from the beginning.  I get skin checks regularly.  Every 6 to 12 months.  Especially important for me to do this, there’s no history of skin cancer in our family but me and my eldest’s skin burn just looking at the sun.  I booked the whole family in for skin checks.  Mr Eldest Child was clear, nothing to worry about.  Husband fine.  Me fine. Mr Middle Child had to have 2 sun spots burnt off.  All good.  Until they called me and said he had to come back to discuss some results.  Long story short.  One of Mr Middle Son’s sun spots was a melanoma and had to be cut out.   Mr Middle Son had about 8 stitches in head.  Then a biopsy was done to see if there was any sings of skin cancer left in his head.  All this happened 2 days after he turned 17.  Happy Birthday right?  We returned 2 weeks later; the tests were all clear HOORAY!  He’s all recovered now and is back to playing football this week.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your (and your families) skin checked regularly. I can go on and on about how deadly the sun is in Australia, but we’ve heard it all before.  I would hate to think if we left Mr Middle Son’s check up any longer what would of happened.  Moral of the story:  GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED!


Did I mention that I am now a student?  Never did I think that on the brink of turning 40 I would be a student and studying online.  I sort of hate it and dislike the fact that I have to time manage my LIFE just so I can get a piece of paper.  However, that piece of paper will help me move on from my self employed day job that I have had for 9 years onto something more exciting and where I won’t have to wear shorts and t-shirts everyday.   It will also involve sitting at a desk, which sounds very appealing to me.  The hard part will be building this new business but once I have finished the studying aspect.  The business building should come easy.  I did mention that I have until July 31st to finish the studying.  Nothing like a bit stress in life to make things fun right?  Right! 

Let’s combine the above with work, motherhood, after school activities for the children, self care = exercise x 2 times a week for myself, a very low social life (which is the way I like it) and the usual random bullshit that pops up when you’re stressed out of your mind. That my friends is what you call a RUT!  That is why Get Lick’d Iceblocks was MIA. 

I have learnt, in the last few years that when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed that I need to eliminate stress.  Need to eliminate things in my life at that moment that causes unnecessary stress.  That’s was I did and unfortunately Get Lick’d Iceblocks was first to be cut.  The thought of making new content, engaging with people on social media, brainstorming the next photo shots and still wanting to be active in the business hurt my head, so I stood back and let it go for 2 weeks – those 2 weeks I didn’t even think about Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  It was great to recharge and unplug for a while. 

Repeat After Me. Self Care Isn’t Selfish

I’ve said before about how I always make self care time and time for myself a priority.  It’s even more important to ‘switch off’ and realise that you can not do everything.  It’s just not possible.  If you need a sleep during the day or run or the urge to scream into a pillow or jump on the bed to let go of your worries and be in check with your emotions.  Then do it.

If your life is a shit show and you have no idea how the heck you are going get through it.  Eliminate things in your life that cause you to feel the way you are feeling.  If that means cancel the lunch with your folks because they are unsupportive about the way you live your life.  Then cancel the lunch or if you feel you have to attend your kids play date because you aren’t fond of the kids parents and hate making ‘small talk’.  Then cancel.  You’ll feel amazing about the fact that you have learnt to eliminate something from your life that causes you stress.  Then pin that gold star on your chest! 

Don’t You Stop

I do hope that this part of the year is treating you well.  I’m convinced that this is just a bump in the road and further down the road there’s a beaming light that will bring us all joy and we shall all be happy with no stress and no unnecessary bullshit in our lives until about November when we all start freaking out about Christmas.  < Joking


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