I’m Slowly Taking Over The World

You guyssssss.  I can’t believe I didn’t tell you.  I was on a podcast.  Seriously.  I was.  I was interviewed by the coolest couple CJ and Ash from The Lil Moments.  The Lil Moments https://www.facebook.com/thelilmoments/ is CJ and Ash’s business where it’s all about self care, mental health and why is it important.  It’s a podcast series called What Is Family.  The series interviewed, mostly Mum’s who run their own businesses, juggle raising their kids and their family. You know, the usual Mum Life events and the juggling of everything.  Ash and CJ ask, I feel one of the most important questions in a persons life.  Well, maybe not the ‘most important’ question.  But certainly a very important question.  What is self care to you and what does it mean?  That was the question and the reason why CJ and Ash made the podcast.  After listening to the other amazing ladies that were in this podcast series I think I was the only one that had teenagers so made it for more fun because as you know, I like to keep shit real when it comes to raising children and teenagers, hopefully you enjoy my humor.  

I’m not bias, but you’ll love it.  We all laughed alot, you could tell I was nervous at the start, but I eased into it and by the end I didn’t want it to finish.  There is an extended version of and lots of different things were discussed.  That episode is more fun than the first, it’s not up yet I’ll let you know when it is. The podcast series is on both Apple and Spotify.  Either Search What Is Family or follow this link. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0HXBr81lXoTTvE7eTzoH1T?si=b70OJkG7QKCBc37LqqFPRQ&nd=1

Obviously listen to my episode first, that will give you a feel for the other ladies. Oh and leave a review and subscribe.  Then email me or comment or send me a message on Instagram.  Sharing is caring remember. 

Something else that has happened recently.  I am an award nominee.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  The awards are run by Roar Success.  I’ve followed Roar Success for a while now.  I remember seeing their socials last year when they had their awards and all the winners.  I thought that would be cool to win.  I didn’t think about the actual work you have to do to be part of it.  When I say work, I mean answering questions about yourself, your business and why you would like to win an award.  That bit was a bit daunting, I was overthinking it too much.  By the time I answered the second question I got into a rhythm and it came easy. I may or may not have left it to the last minute, in my defense that just means I had more time to think about all my answers.  I work well under pressure, most times when I do something under pressure it’s usually at the last minute.  It’s a skill now, seeing as though I seem to leave things to the last minute a fair bit.  I’ve never entered any kind of award for anything in my life, I was worried that I would come across as a rambling idiot and because the judges have no idea who I am, would they understand my humor?  Would they understand that I’ve left this entry until the last minute?  Would they know that I put heaps of thought into my answers?  I’m sure they do and will understand.  That’s the point of answering questions isn’t it?  Pressure, a bit of humor and last-minute stress?  It’s all part of the prize.

Cross your fingers friends.  Of course, I’ll let you know the results.  If I win an award or any kind of award for that matter.  Now or in the future, it will either have a permanent place on the dining room table or it will sit on the tv unit.  Both these places, my family know well.  The award will remind my family how awesome I am and it will remind myself that “you got to be in it to win it” and to grab life by the balls – which I do often. Also, any tips for any award writing or awards to apply for in the future are welcome.

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