Get Lick’d Iceblocks Won SILVER and I’m Going To Shout It From The Rooftops. Do not block your ears

Your absentee blog writer and Iceblock Maker here.   I know I know, every blog  I say that I am going to be more ‘present’ writing blogs and being fun and all that stuff but it never happens regularly.  I honestly I haven’t forgotten, I just have had no time.  Well, I lie I probably would have more time if I didn’t relax nearly every night in front of the TV watching Wentworth or This IS Us.  I used to do this thing, I call it The Power Hour.  What’s a Power Hour you ask? The Power Hour consisted of writing a To Do List of little jobs that needed to be done and that would fit into an hour.  More so stupid admin jobs like follow up invoices, order fruit, check bank balances you know all that stupid/important stuff.  But it worked.  I realized I was either wasting time or wasting time and then have no time to do the business or family admin/planning in my family.

In A Nutshell

I’m going to bring back The Power Hour in 2022.  2021 is too far gone and I’m used to running around like a headless chicken.   This is what I’ve been doing instead.  I’ve been working in both my day job (which is crazy busy this time of year) and then iceblocks, I’ve been flat chat. I having finally been working IN my business, not ON my business.  Which I am LOVING.  You may know that  Get Lick’d Iceblocks recently turned 3 in September.  During most of September and some of October  I had an ongoing issue with my car, which resulted in me having time off from my day job which wasn’t the worst thing in world.  It was good  because the days I was home (when I didn’t have a courtesy car) I focused 100% on growing Get Lick’d Iceblocks and by golly has it grown. 

0% Luck. 100% Hustle. Louder For The People At The Back

I’m lucky that in my day job I also work for myself.  Sounds fun but in reality it really isn’t.  It’s tricky.  My youngest is 10 and like many other parents I like to be there for their kids for school pick up and school drop off and afternoon activities.  Hence working for yourself – flexible.  Although, sometimes it really isn’t flexible at all.  If you miss a day for a sports carnival, you have to make that day up.  I work pretty much during school hours which is every sole trader mum dream and so thankful I can do that.  Years ago someone told me to ‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’ .  That’s what I do.  I work 4 days in my day job.  For Get Lick’d Iceblocks  I work 1 full day a week, usually Monday’s.  I hate Mondays

Get Lick’d Iceblocks I am usually on after I get home from school pick up.  Its hard, it can get tricky and so stressful.  But in the end the goal is worth it.  The ultimate goal is to quit the day job as a cleaner and to work  Get Lick’d Iceblocks full time. However, to do that takes a lot of time, determination, money, planning and determination.  Lots of it (hence why I said it twice)   All of which I have.  Maybe, except the money part.  If I could win lotto that would make things a bit easier – that’s what everyone says right? But seriously, I have a fire in my belly for Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  I’m going to do what it takes to make it and I’m in it for the long haul.

Please appreciate this photo of me when I couldn’t leave my house due to not having a car and getting a profession photoshoot done. So I did it in my lounge instead.

Speaking of determination, I won my first award.  Yep.  I won.  I wrote a blog about it in an earlier post.  I was nominated for the Roar Awards Best Natural/Organic Product.  I came second.  SILVER.   I was so excited.  Actually, I still am pretty bloody pleased with myself.  I remember writing the answers for the judging questions and thinking ‘what the heck am I on about’?  Sent it through to my bestie to see what she thought. Of course full support.  Then just to be sure I sent a copy of my answers to my brother in law, who happens to be much smarter than me and care for his opinion.  I finally submitted it.  This year I made a promise to myself to do things outside of my comfort zone.  Not sure if entering an award was on the top of my list but I am so glad I did.  It was such a buzz.  The awards were all online.  One week before the awards my laptop died so I have been using a laptop that I have had for over 10 years (still going strong).  15 minutes before the start time I realized that I hadn’t downloaded Zoom on my trusty Jurassic Computer, thankfully it downloaded.  I wasn’t as confident. 

I had a cheese platter beside me, a glass of vodka and orange in one hand and  Mr 10 coming in and out of the room checking to see when my award was being announced.  Then it happened.  My husband on one side Mr 10 on the other.  Silver for Get Lick’d Iceblocks Best Natural/Organic Product.  I was over the moon as much as my husband and Mr 10.  May I add, having your children and husband in full support of what you do in life and business is so important.  I’ve been so lucky my husband has always supported me whatever I have done (except maybe shave off all my hair because I had enough of it)  I have one piece of advice when you see any type of awards being open for nomination.  Obviously try for awards that are suited to you and your business.  Do it.  Nominate yourself, nominate your favourite small business, heck nominate your best friend.  It’s an amazing feeling of self work and proves to yourself that all your hard work in paying off.  Even if you don’t win and get a place, being acknowledged for your hard work should be applauded.   

A Very Shitty Homemade Cheese Platter Was Made For The Awards

 No, I didn’t win a Grammy or an Oscar.  Heck, I didn’t even win gold. But what I did win was self-confidence and huge boost of confidence for my business.  I haven’t received the trophy in the mail yet but when I do I am going to shout it to the roof tops that I am an award winner from the Roar Award for the Best Natural/Organic Product. I told my kids that I might even take it shopping with me and put it in the seat of the trolley.  That is how excited I am.

I Would Have A Better Graphic. But The Jurassic Computer Has Had Enough Of My BS

Moral of the story – if you are a side business hustler.  A full time worker .  A full time mother.  Single with no kids.  Single with kids.  Whatever or whoever you may be.  Know that YOU are worth it.  With or without an award.  Your determination, your drive, your love for whatever you do in life and/or business is worth it and sometimes you don’t need an award to prove it.

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