Collaborate With People You Can Learn From

I’m so freakin’ excited to tell you.  Like mega excited.  It’s been under wraps from a few week as a few details needed to be fine tuned with relevant people.  But I can finally spill the beans now.  You ready?  Are you holding onto your seat?  Are you going to do a little happy dance just like I did?  Meh, as if you would be doing any of that stuff.  Ok, thanks for bursting my bubble – I’ll just come out with it. 

Get Lick’d Iceblocks is collaborating with Brisbane Racing for a Brewitful Brunch.  Fuck yes.  How exciting right?  I will be selling Get Lick’d Iceblocks at the freakin’ races. The Brisbane Races at Eagle Farm.  I’ve never been to the races before – like never.  I have been to the trots though, that was when I was about 10 years old.  But I am assuming the races are not like the trots.  #joke

How did this happen you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  I follow a business call Collabosaurus – you may of heard of them, or obviously, you haven’t.  Google Jess Ruffus, she’s  the creator/founder of the business. Amazing lady. Anyway, Collabosaurus was running a competition and I won. I won a 3 month business membership, this meant that Get Lick’d Iceblocks has a portal and can collaborate with other businesses.  Long story short – Brisbane Racing is collaborating with Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  I’m so excited.  Not only to go to the races, but to be involved in something so massive. I’m going to be excited about getting feedback and the potential clientele that I might receive will be amazing.  I know I say it a bit – but guys – NEVER give up in anything.  Always dive in, head first, arse first, feet first.  Which ever way you dive, just do it.  Amazing things will happen if you just say yes to things outside your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens.

What she said ^

This will be Get Lick’d first event where I will have HUNDREDS of iceblocks – I am nervous at the thought of selling out.  But one life motto I like to follow is – always over prepare – then you won’t  be under prepared.  Actually, I have never said that, I just made that up.  

There is going to be something new on this day.  Something that I eventually wanted to do (remember that thing I said about diving head first? Well, this is that)

There’s a process.  Pick your iceblock.  Dip it in high quality dark chocolate.  Top it with a topping.  Brilliant right?  Right!  Obviously the icecream trucks and households around the world has been fine tuning this concept for years and years and I’m not saying I created it.  Duh.  But for a little business like mine, that launched almost 1 year ago, I am excited about the fact that I was asked to make this process happen.

Eventually Get Lick’d Iceblocks will hit the wedding industry where you can pick, dip and top your iceblock.  Great activity for guests.  But, as with everything – baby steps.  Unless, of course you are diving in head first out of your comfort zone like I will be doing in September. 

Talking about collaborations – I have formed a great working relationship with Mandy from LuvaBerry Strawberry Farm. Mandy is fighting the good fight on war on waste and has her fingers in many pies – all for good. It’s funny because when I talk to people about where I get my strawberries from, lots of people seem to know Mandy.  Now, that is a business you want to work with.  LuvaBerry Farm has open days about once a month.  We collaborate.  I use LuvaBerry strawberries in the Strawberry Coconut iceblocks and Mandy sells them on her open days.  I also tell my social media (and people I meet) about the farm.  It’s a perfect recipe for both of us. Works amazing!  Get Lick’d Iceblocks are now in 2 new schools because of LuvaBerry Farm open days. 

While I’m at it – I’m going to give a mega shout out to Savannah from Collab With Style.  I met Savannah through a business Facebook page.  Savannah is 17 – 18 this year.  She has left school and works in her parents retail shop and runs Collab With Style, her business.  Savannah left school to being bullied every day and to the point where is could no longer take it, so she left.  She had full support of her parents when deciding to leave school and is now becoming a serious contender with her collaboration businesses.  Collab With Style is fresh, relevant and without trying to sound ‘old’ on point.  Let’s face it – I can be old enough to be Sav’s mum (I do have a 17 year old son) but her grit, determination and her want to be a “girl slay boss” ( I just made that up, apologies.  That sounds really bad, I did say I was trying not to sound old) is something my 17 year old self never had, nor does my 17 year old son.  Who run the world? GIRLS!  That’s a Beyoncé song – don’t hate on it.  Just embrace it –I do hope one day soon girls WILL actually run the world.  We are however, kicking arse in the business world – so many great businesses are run by woman – cos let’s face it – we fucking rock!  So Savannah – keep going you’re doing amazing!

Queen B just casually dancing about girls running the world. I only wished I looked like that on a good day

I have a MASSIVE collaboration/event in the works – I just have to fine tune a few things.  However, I am looking for the following talents that would like to collaborate with Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  I’m holding a family friendly event.  Northside Brisbane.  It is a circus/carnival theme event – think lawn games, circus activities and a heap of fun.  If you have any talents and would love the opportunity to collaborate – then please send me an email, I will be happy to discuss and get the ball rolling. I’m looking for the following businesses – but not limited to the following –

* Face painters

* Mums/ladies that love a great dress up

  • Photographers

* Performers – dancers, people that can juggle, people that can hoola hoop like a boss


* Picnic set ups

You get the drift – if you have someone in mind, please get in touch.  Will be fab to have you on board.  Also, if you do get involved with my event – I am making a ‘community board’ of all the businesses that are involved on the day – so the guests can take your card or get in contact with you.  It’s the gift that gives, think of it as a Business Network Event – but with lots of fun.  Kids, no clowns and  you don’t even have to talk to people!  Win win!! 

It’s time to reduce – reuse – recycle. It’s also time to say NO to plastic

 In my absence from my blog and if you are not on social media and not keeping up to date with the joys of Get Lick’d Iceblocks – let me fill you in. 

One thing I love to do is sustaining the world and the environment.  If I can buy second hand when I can.  I will – I see no point wasting money and ‘keeping up with the Jones’.  I grew up with a favourite few toys, a tape player, cassettes and my brother and sister.  We weren’t rich.  But we weren’t poor either.  We bought second hand, we op shopped ever since I could remember, I was always in an op shop on school holidays on Mum’s day off from work.  I loved it then and I love it now.  We reused school bags from the year before.  The lady’s at the church always seemed to give us their kids hand me downs.  As a church community – that was the norm.  So when I had my own family – my kids got second hand clothes aswell.  It gets trickier now that 2 are teenagers, but they still love a great op shop shop. 

What’s the point of blog post so far Kaz?  Well, in April, I was on Gumtree one day, just wasting time (refer to previous blog about why I get nothing done) I seen an ad that was selling an icecream cart, an iceblock bike and umbrellas.  If you were going to start an iceblocks or icecream business – you needed this.  It had everything.  I somewhat discussed with my husband if I actually needed it.  He said ‘probably not’ but I had other thoughts – I emailed the seller and asked him if he could hold it for 2 weeks until I rearranged my family budget.  He said yes.  I said shit  and better tell the husband.

Then 2 weeks later I took the kids for a road trip to the Sunny Coast, loaded the trailer with my new goods – had a great conversation with the seller and was on my way. On the drive home, I realized how freaking awesome I was, as a business owner – as a business owner that wants to give up her day job and work full time in her hustle business.  When I say ‘give up my day job’, I’ve given myself a 4 year plan to do so, ultimately, even work from full time to permanent  casual –  I’d be happy with that aswell.  Never give up on your dreams friends.    

Here’s a little before and after of the iceblock cart.  Very me.  Have I mentioned I love colour?  Wait until you see the bike.  That revamp is nearly done.  I have to say goodbye to Get Lick’d Iceblocks original trike.  I have no doubt it will go to a well loving family or a person that hates driving for their groceries and rides bikes instead.

You’ll be seeing this cart around whenever I am at events.  It’s only been to one event so far.  That was store reopening.  Which was very fun. If you have little kids and appreciate great handmade, quality clothes then check out Lacey Lane – a small business created by 2 sisters, have achieved amazing things, all while raising their children.  Kudos to you ladies.  I’ll be in for a visit soon.

As you may know, Get Lick’d Iceblocks are now 100% plastic free – there was a while there earlier in the year where I said I was plastic free – but then re assessed my stock and made the discovery that I had about 150 unused plastic wrappers .  I was totally bummed.  These wrappers were bio degradable, but I sort of hated them.  Alot.  As soon as I could get rid of them – I did.  After some trial and error with some brown paper bags – I finally found ones that suited the iceblocks- they are pretty perfect.  The only plastic that is used is for the ingredient label.  But I’ll be working on that in the near future, to change that to paper.   I get a lot of positive feedback about NOT using plastic.  I hate the stuff – I really do.  I am slowly getting rid of the plastic use in my household aswell.  Gald wrap is slowly disappearing and we are using homemade bees wax wraps instead.  Paper bags for lunches and reusable containers and shopping bags.

It is really quite simple – if only other people would realise how easy it actually is to not use plastic – the world and oceans would be a little bit cleaner and happier.  It’s also important for adults to teach our children this aswell. 

No plastic included

Reduce                 Reuse                   Recycle

Even if it’s something little.  Small habits turn into be habits and that then becomes the norm. 

Me and my family went for an afternoon fishing  trip on the beach at the Gold Coast a few weeks ago.  When we finished fishing and packed up – we went for a walk along the sand.   On this walk I collected some plastic rubbish that I found on the sand.  This rubbish wasn’t in the dunes – it was actually on the beach.  In this ‘collection’ of rubbish there was a coffee pod – what the heck is a coffee pod doing on the beach?  I also picked up a can of Jim Beam and as we walked further on there were 2 fisherman, one of these fishermen kindly offered to take ‘his can’.  Umm what?  I told him that it was ok and that I would be sure to put it in the bin along with the other rubbish that we found.  Clearly, he was just having a good time on the beach, with a few mates and drinks and was drunk – so I gave him back the can and pointed to him that the bin was up on the footpath and to put all his rubbish in the bin when he’s done for the day.  He didn’t seem to impressed by that comment – but told me that he would go to the bin.  Hopefully he did.  But idiots will be idiots!    

Just a tiny tiny percentage of rubbish that is found on our beach

Let’s all be brave, smart  and help save our world.  If you have any tips – feel free to share them on Get Lick’d Iceblocks social media accounts.  I’ll be to spread the word and show people how you sustain this beautiful world we in.  Hopefully by the time our children’s children get to have this oceans that aren’t full of plastic and where single use plastic bags will be a ‘folks tale’. 

Round 2. Or is it Round 5? No idea – but it’s definitely time!

I have another confession to make.
I’m your fool
Everyone’s got their chains to break
Holdin’ you. 

Just joking, that’s actually the words to one of my favourite Foo Fighter songs. I actually DO have a confession to make – a real confession.  I suck.  I actually suck at doing blogs – I LOVE the idea of a blog (yes, yes, I have said this previously) but it’s true.  When Get Lick’d Iceblocks was launched in September 2018, I had every bit of intension to make a blog – a real blog – THIS blog.  I LOVE a good blog.  I want to BE one of those good blogs.  I thought it would actually be easy to write a blog. Ha – what?  Wrong.  Well, it could be right IF I managed my time better – which I do, well I TRY to do.  *Insert ‘I’m a Mum- I –have- a -day -job, – I -drive –my- kids- to –their- sports- training-during the week, -I am -also -a –wife- and- husbands-require- attention- excuse –here* But.  This will not stop me.  I know I have said it before and also said that I will blog every 2 weeks – thinking that, in 2 weeks I would have TIME to blog.  Clearly, I didn’t think that idea through.  Rookie Mistake.  Again. 

So, this is the plan.  See how I keep making plans?  Believe me this plan will work.  In the time that I have not done a blog post on Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  I am in the process of fine-tuning the art of Time Management .  If you are a personal friend of mine – you would of seen me struggling with life a few months ago.  Now, when I say struggling – I actually mean, I take too much on AND I was obsessed with  watching Dead To Me (which is fabulous and well worth the late nights) .  I also work for myself as a self employed cleaner – which is fun.  I don’t know the exact moment when I realised that I was ‘drowning’ but I what I did do was put a story on my Instagram and all my friends – that appear to have their life and shit together gave me tips on how they manage time better.  So I’ve been practicing that for a few weeks. 

It’s pretty simple really.  Number 1 tip – Netflix isn’t going anywhere but your business is.  Well, it’ll only go somewhere if you work on it and make it go somewhere.  No brainer really.   So that was my first priorty.  Secondly – I have been trying to stop wasting time.  I love wasting time.  I’m a time waster –for real.  One of my day job clients have a puppy, Charli.  Charlie is the cutest little fluffy thing that I ever did see.  You can’t even see her face because it’s just a fluff ball (the dog can see though) I sat there one day for about 20 mins just playing with her.  In fairness to the rest of my work day – I had nothing else on after Charli’s house but still.  I wasted 20 minutes of a perfectly fine day patting and playing with a 10 week old puppy.  It was totally good for my soul, not for my time management.    So stop wasting time.  Wasting time on Pintrest and Instagram is also bad – but everyone know that right? 

Finally, I am trying to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier – 4:30 wake up seems to be a good time lately.  I don’t set an alarm or anything, I just get up whenever I see that it’s past 4am.  The kids and husband are still asleep, I let the dog inside and do paperwork and write down all my ideas.  Early morning is good for most people  to get their shit done as the brain is going a million miles an hour.  Then, by the time the kids get up for school – the morning is ruined by kids fighting, me screaming at them to find their shoes, to get organised and the day officially begins.  I like it. 

So – this blog will be changing.  Slightly.  No it’s not going to become a person blog. Shit, I couldn’t think of anything worse.  My life is not that exciting, but I will share some things from my life that I think are worth sharing.  I love Get Lick’d Iceblocks and have also spent money to have this blog.  Blogs are very cool – as long as you can perfect your Time Management  Skills then you are fine.  *refer to above*   There are lots of exciting things to come.  So please stick around.  I have set this as a priority AND I have googled/educated myself in how to write blogs and churn them out – my fellow bloggers will understand what this means. 

And for you people that will ‘time’ me as to when my next post will be – strap in guys I’m going to surprise you. 

March Madness

Would you look at me – as promised a new blog entry has happened 2 weeks after I said I would. That is amazing. Really. It is.   


Lots so exciting things happened in March.  Let me share with you the excitement.

Mooooka State School, a school on Brisbane Southside had a disco.  They asked Get Lick’d Iceblocks to supply 125 iceblocks for the kids.  You could imagine my excitement.  I was over the moon.  Knowing that kids are eating and enjoying Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  Iceblocks that have nothing but goodness in them.  Perfect.  This all happened on International Woman’s Day aswell.  What a buzz. If you’re thinking your school or day care would benefit from Get Lick’d Iceblocks  – all schools and day care centres get a reduced bulk price.  This is because I believe that every child should have the experience of having a healthy iceblock (and food) at school. 

125 mixed iceblocks went to Moorooka State School Disco – this happened on Internation Woman’s Day aswell. So brilliant

I attended a brand new market last month.  Mumma Trash and Treasure – it was held on one of the hottest days of the year and of course, Get Lick’d Iceblocks went down brilliantly.  Mumma Trash and Treasure is going to be regular market.  If you love handmade, kids, designer and high quality clothes – then these are the markets for you.  So many cute kids in beautiful clothes .  It almost made me clucky. ALMOST.  Have I mentioned I have teenagers .  Enough said!

How cute is Tommy? Perfectly coordinated with a Get Lick’d tropical iceblock

My highlight of March was definitely attending an event held by Inspire Cycle.  If you have never heard of these guys, you must educate yourselves now.  Basically, InspireCycle is a beat-based, choreographed indoor cycling workout designed to challenge both body and mind.  How fun does that sound?  They had an awesome event at The Met – yes The Met, the nightclub on Wickham Tce in The Valley.  It was amazing –They deck out the nightclub with spin bikes – lots of spin bikes – and on the stage are all the instructors and a DJ spinning tunes with lights flashing.  It was like I was 18 again – but without the fire engine drink in my hand and wearing tight clothes (oh, the days before children. I remember them well)

The beautiful instructor Jess and a member of Inspire Cycle Tennerriffe

I’ve been following some of the instructors from Inspire Cycle on Instagram for about a year or so and have always wanted to go to either a class or an event at The Met, but none of my friends are ever brave enough to come with me.  So when I saw that they were having a Glitter X Gold event at The Met, I email and asked if I could attend.  Mind you, when I asked if I could attend I didn’t realise it was 2 days away.  Lucky I work very well under pressure.   Fast forward to the event night – I nailed it.  Get Lick’d Electrolytes were a massive hit with everyone – including the instructors.  I also met one half of The Acai Brothers, Ben and his wife Jordan– which was a buzz. I totally picked their brain about small business and marketing ideas.  Free business advice from one of Brisbane’s  best businesses – I’ll take it.  Knowledge is power. 

I also spent a morning at Resistance Sports Training with my electrolytes – that day was sooo hot, so an iceblocks with all natural ingredients went down brilliantly. Resistance Sport Training is where they ‘train smart’ and efficiently. Their sole aim to get you in elite condition for your chosen outcome. The team is a great bunch of people.  If you live near Everton Park – be sure to check them out.  Tell them I sent you. 

Get Lick’d Iceblocks has taken a step back in April – due to family time, my son’s birthday and Easter – I am still doing some events though.  I asl omade a very big Business Decision the other day and spent pretty much all of Get Lick’d Iceblocks budget on new equipment/’friends’.  Be sure to  keep an eye out on my socials – my new ‘friends’ are epic.   Get Lick’d will definitely be round in May, so be sure to keep an eye out.   Remember, if you have any events that you think Get Lick’d Iceblocks would be suited for – shoot me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.

Times They Are A Changin’

When I started this blog – I was so excited that I would be able to share with you the excitement of Get Lick’d Iceblocks .  If you refer to my previous blog posts – I did, infact say that I would blog once a week.  I have since discovered that that idea is hard to do.  I have made a commitment to blog ONCE a fortnight.  I feel  that once a fortnight is more manageable for me, this is not to say that Get Lick’d Iceblocks is not exciting, it definitely is.  It’s more my time management.  Story of my life.

Let me fill you in with what’s been happening since the last blog. 

Early February, I attended a great community afternoon at Aura House Of Colour.  Aura House Of Colour is AMAZING.  It’s a new display home village/estate in Caloundra West.  If you have kids, love an excellent playground and a short drive from Brisbane.  You must check these playgrounds and the bike circuit/tracks out.  It’s amazing.  You guessed it – it’s full of colour.  So much colour – your kids are going to love the playground. 

I attended Chillin In The Hills Twilight market again.  I seriously love these markets.  You must check them out.  They are held at John Drysdale Reserve at Bunya, which is in between Arana Hills and Albany Creek.  There’s live music, food trucks, local honey, local produce, the sports club is open if you want to kick start the weekend with a wine or beer. Get Lick’d Iceblocks – duh and it’s at Twilight *Bella and Jacob not included* << bad Twilight joke.  Sorry!  

Did you attend any gym openings this month Karen?  Well, funny you asked – YES I did!  I had the pleasure of attending the PLC Chermside grand opening.  All I can say is – WOWZERS.  The PLC workouts and their vibe for the community is second to none.  Not only was I there  as a local small business, the guys from Acai Brothers Chermside , CAN Chermside were there aswell.  Locals supporting locals – the way it should be.  The people of Chermisde came along.  Other members  of  other PLC studios  came along for support aswell.  The workout was a killer.  Like major killer! I brought one of my teenager sons along with me.  He loves anything to do with weights and loves a sweat session.  He loved it.  We loved it.  The heart rate was up in no time and so many calories were burnt.  If you are after one heck of a workout session  – go check out Dee and her crew at Chermside PLC or find a local PLC near you.  You’ll be in for a real treat. 

Get Lick’d Electrolyte Iceblocks and drink went down very well. Actually, too well.   I don’t want to toot my own horn, I totally will though.

But the positive feedback I received on the day about Get Lick’d Electrolytes blew me away.  This, my friends is why I love my little side hustle that is Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  I’m not just talking about the feedback from the electrolytes.  I’m talking about all of it.  The parents of Little Jane that can’t have dairy, the parents of Little Johnny that has a strict diet to follow.  My  

I do have a plan to eventually give up my day job and work full time with Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  We all know how the saying goes – “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.   But in the meantime, I will keep my day job *sigh* – seems when you are an adult you have a few things called bills, a family and responsibilities which is all very unfortunate when you want to quit your day job and make huge decisions – also, my accountant would kill me. 

As you read earlier – I will be doing fortnightly posts –I absolutely will do it – I’ve already put it in my dairy.  That just shows how committed I actually am about this.  😉

Remember, if you have  an event that you think Get Lick’d Iceblocks would be perfect for – email me, I’ll be happy to discuss.  Until next fortnight – stay cool.  Keep updated on Get Lick’d Iceblocks  socials and we shall meet sometime soon, and if we do happen to meet – be sure to let me know that you found me via my blog.

Electrolytes For All

Get Lick’d Iceblocks 2019 is off to a ripper start and it’s only January.  I have booked Get Lick’d Iceblocks into a few upcoming local markets on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.  The thing about having a business that pretty much revolves around the weather is that it takes a fair bit of planning.   Although, Queensland doesn’t really get too cold and the sun always seems to be shining.  Fingers crossed that Get Lick’d Iceblocks does have a good winter and people want to eat no refined sugar all year round.  I know I do.  I may also be bias!

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the opening of Bodyfit Training in Albion  This place is amazing.  It’s a high intensity, functional, group strength and conditioning studio. A massive workout.  Get Lick’d Electrolyte drink and electrolyte iceblocks were a huge hit with all the participants after they completed their workout.   There’s a few Body Fit Studios around Brisbane – check them out. Totally worth the hype.

If you have or are a member of a fitness facility that is opening, that is planning a birthday, an open day, a theme day. For adults or children. Let me know, I will be happy to meet and hand out Get Lick’d Iceblocks’ all natural ingredient electrolytes to your crew. 


Happy New Year Friends. What a time to be alive. I hope 2019 is a very exciting year for you, whatever you have planned. I have been so happy with the response that Get Lick’d Iceblocks has had in the few short months since it has been launched. This website has been neglected over those few months – websites and technology is definitely not a strength of mine. I hired higher power – shout out to Amy from Sugar Pop Media Truly a God send. Although I am still Googling stuff as I am scared to ask her more questions. I am sure I am not the only one that has this issue. Surly?

Anyway, if you’re new here – let me do a bit of a recap. I am Kaz. I’m a mother of 3 boys, a wife and in my day job I am a sole trader cleaner. I’ve been a cleaner for nearly 7 years. I enjoy it – I love being my own boss. Although, I don’t want to be a cleaner forever. The Story of Get Lick’d Iceblocks came about when I made the discovery that dairy and I could no longer be friends. I originally wanted to buy an icecream van. But after a bit of research into that idea, it was a bit out of my depth. So asked my kids what they thought would be a cool idea on how to serve icecream, they said a bike. Like a ‘newspaper boy in the movies’ Done deal – I got myself a cargo trike. Just like a bike – but WAY cooler. Added some modifications and Bob’s Your Uncle. Well, Bob is actually my uncle. Ha

In no time, I planned a launch date, which was September 22nd. That date is etched in my brain for some reason. (if you have ever launched a business, you would understand 🙂 I made taste testers went out to my cleaning clients with a feedback form. Picked the 5 best flavours and I was done.

You will be seeing Get Lick’d Iceblocks around. I am based on northside Brisbane. I have been doing markets these last few months, which I am loving. I love hearing (and seeing) your feedback. Be sure to follow me on ‘the socials’ and keep up to date of my whereabouts.

If you know of any cool markets or events that you think Get Lick’d Iceblocks would be perfect for – shoot me an email. I travel to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts aswell. I also do wholesale, all natural ingredient electrolytes – perfect for gyms. Daycare centres and school tuckshops. Something for everyone.

Get Lick'd

Hi there – I’m Karen.  I’m the creator of Get Lick’d Iceblocks.  Get Lick’d Iceblocks are made from all natural ingredients, with absolutely no dairy and no refined sugar.  Get Lick’d Iceblocks launched on September 22nd 2018.  All iceblocks had been tried and tested and tried and tested again before this date. My day job is a sole trader cleaner.  I am thankful to have clients were happy to be the taste testers and give me honest feedback.  The good, the bad, the ugly feedback – unfortunately, the carrot and the avocado iceblocks didn’t make the cut.  

I am a mother of 3 boys, a wife to a man that supports small businesses and my crazy ideas.  I am also lactose intolerant, the main reason why Get Lick’d Iceblocks was born.  After having a hernia operation, I quickly discovered that me and dairy could no longer be friends.  Something weird changed in my body and I just couldn’t stomach dairy anymore.  Totally strange, but I am loving the benefits – like making diary free iceblocks for example.  

I also make all natural ingredients electrolytes.  I love working out at the gym, playing footy with my boys and (nearly) anything that gets the heart rate pumping.  I also happen to be on blood medication for the rest of my life #childbirthcomplications, so have to be careful what goes into my body as it effect the blood.  Protein powder, pre/post workout drinks and supplements are a big no no for me and people alike.  So after sweating and burning a zillion calories after a workout – and the only thing to drink was water – when I needed something with a bit of ‘zing’ I made my own.  Again, taste tested on my cleaning clients, feedback noted.  Recipe finalised.  Electrolytes born. 

I live in Brisbane, if you happen to have an event that you think would suit me and my products, let me know.  I’m keen to meet cool people, have a client base, explore new destinations/locations and spread the Get Lick’d Iceblock brand. Once I book an event – I will hopefully know how to navigate this page so I can put a calendar up so you can see where I will be going. 

I am on Instagram #getlickdiceblocks and Facebook *Get Lick’d Iceblocks – Remember there is no ‘e’ between the K and the D in lick’d.  GET LICK’D ICEBLOCKS